The Note’s Must-Reads for Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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2012 ELECTIONS / GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: ABC News’ Michael Falcone: “ Chris Christie Says He’s ‘Listening’ to Supporters Urging Him to Run for President” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie left the door open — ever so slightly — to the notion that he was reconsidering his decision not to run for president in an appearance at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Tuesday night. Although he referred the crowd to his previous denials that he would not jump into the race, he also told a member of the audience who implored him to get in race that he was “listening to every word.” LINK

USA Today: “ 2012 speculation may continue after Christie speech” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hasn’t changed his mind: He reaffirmed Tuesday at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library that he’s not running for president. Christie urged a capacity audience of about 900 to look at the website Politico, which had pieced together a long string of video clips of him saying he’s not a candidate for the White House. LINK

The New York Daily News’ Aliyah Shahid: “ David Axelrod, Obama’s chief political adviser admits President faces ‘Titanic struggle’ in 2012” President Obama’s chief political adviser, David Axelrod, is calling the commander in chief’s road to victory in 2012 a “Titanic struggle.” His pessimistic remarks came at a gathering of New Hampshire politicians and business leaders Tuesday morning at Saint Anselm College.  LINK

The New York Times’ Michael Shear and Jennifer Medina: “ Christie Adds Little New, but Fails to Quell the Talk” Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey failed to address intense speculation about his presidential ambitions on Tuesday night during a foreign policy address at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. LINK

The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: “ Though hearing pleas to run, Christie sidesteps 2012 questions” The Republican Party’s long search for a standard-bearer is placing extraordinary pressure on the tough-talking governor of New Jersey to suddenly leap into a presidential race that he has long denied interest in entering. LINK

Politico’s Juana Summers: “ Chris Christie leaves 2012 run question open, attacks Obama” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie confirmed he’s thinking about getting into the presidential race to an audience literally begging him to get in. He didn’t give a definitive yes or no to the people who came to hear a sold-out speech that could almost be used as the text for a presidential kick-off at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, instead executing a series of artful dodges. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Jonathan Weisman: “ After Christie Speech, the Answer Is Still ‘No”‘ New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie delivered a muscular plea for national unity in a speech Tuesday at the Ronald Reagan presidential library. Although he and those close to him have said repeatedly he won’t run for president, the California appearance nonetheless stoked speculation he would enter the Republican nomination contest. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Neil King Jr.: “ Bachmann Tries to Reignite Campaign” Rep. Michele Bachmann couldn’t be more upbeat as she strives to revitalize her presidential campaign in the state that matters to her most. “We think we are perfectly positioned right now,” she says. Iowa Republican leaders—and even some of her own supporters—are less sanguine. The seven weeks since her win in the Iowa straw poll have revealed weaknesses in her résumé, message and style, they say, that may be hard for her to shake off.   LINK

SENATE: The Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan: “ Senate delays jobs bill to take on China” President Obama is still pressing Congress to pass his jobs-stimulus bill immediately, but Democratic Party leaders in the Senate once again have delayed taking a vote on the legislation and instead will take up a bill to punish China over its currency valuation. LINK

HEALTH CARE: The Hills’ Julian Pecquet and Sam Baker: “ Spotlight back on healthcare law” Health insurance premiums surged 9 percent in 2011, according to a report released Tuesday that raised new doubts about President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment. Republicans seized on the annual Kaiser Family Foundation survey, arguing it flew in the face of Obama’s campaign promise that healthcare reform would lead to lower insurance costs. LINK

OTHER: The Los Angeles Times’  Michael A. Memoli: “ In a New York minute, Ed Koch has a change of heart on Obama” Just two weeks ago, former New York Mayor Ed Koch was telling city voters to elect a Republican to Congress, to “send a huge message to President Obama that we’re not happy with how he’s dealing with Israel.”  Now, one speech to the United Nations and a one-on-one chat later, Koch is an enthusiastic backer of the same president’s reelection. LINK

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