Video Wars: Perry Hits Romney on ‘Stimu-Flop’

In the first look at Rick Perry’s latest attack on Mitt Romney, the Perry team continues to paint Romney as a “flip-flopper” for a third time this week with the release later today of another web video, this one focusing on Romney’s edit on where he stood on the 2009 stimulus.

Called “Stimu-Flop,” the web video attempts to turn Romney’s position on the 2009 stimulus into a flip-flop.  The video highlights a passage from the 2010 hardcover version of Romney’s book, No Apology, which illustrates the potential the stimulus held for turning the course on the struggling economy.

“The ‘all-Democrat’ stimulus that was passed in early 2009 will accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery,” the Perry campaign highlights in Romney’s book, though it does not go on to include Romney’s statement that more could’ve have been done with greater job creating and tax incentives.

But in the 2011 paperback edition of the book, Romney’s statement on the stimulus was strengthened to reflect his stronger stance that the stimulus was a complete “failure” after witnessing its ineffectiveness in creating jobs.

The Perry campaign has drawn from Romney’s own statements warning that “words have meaning” to conduct an attack on the Massachusetts governor for editing the versions of his book.

A spokeswoman for Romney called the new video a “tall tale” and turned the tables on Perry to explain his acceptance of stimulus funds for the state of Texas.

“In yet another instance, Gov. Perry’s weak claim is just a tall tale. Gov. Perry should spend his time explaining why he relied on federal stimulus funds to fill a $6 billion budget deficit last year instead of trying to manufacture false attacks on Gov. Romney,” Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for Romney said.

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign released a stimulus video of its own Wednesday but instead of focusing on Perry, it turned to attacking President Obama’s inability to create jobs through the $787 billion stimulus.

The video, titled “Stop the Spending,” features interviews with small business owners, who discussed the failure of the 2009 stimulus in spurring job growth in their companies and expressed concern that a second stimulus package will pass and be a second failure.

The Perry campaign has made clear this week that they’re ready to pounce on Romney’s inconsistent narrative.  Earlier this week, they released videos turning Romney’s own words on him to portray him as a candidate with no clear position on any issue.  The videos went after Romney’s changing stances on Race to the Top funding, a program initiated by the Obama administration, and edits he made the Massachusetts healthcare portion of his paperback and hardcover books.

Romney’s campaign refuted both of these attacks by arguing the Perry campaign selectively edited the facts in the Race to the Top video and by defending the changes Romney made to his book.

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