Obama, First Lady Stop by the Pumpkin Patch

With Halloween just two weeks away, President Obama and the first lady stopped by Wood’s Orchard Farm Market in Hampton, Va., today to pick pumpkins for the White House.

“You know, Michelle does a good job promoting produce,” Obama said after arriving at the unexpected stop along his bus tour. “She tries to get everyone to eat their vegetables.”

The president and first lady spent about 20 minutes inspecting pumpkins, but Michelle Obama got her heart set on two giant white pumpkins known as “full moons” and her husband didn’t put up a fight.

“Are you going to carve those yourself, Mr. President?” ABC News’ Ann Compton asked.

“We are going to have these in the front of the White House, these two white ones,” he said shaking his head.  “That’s what the first lady just decided and I do what she says. So be on the lookout for them.”

The orchard’s owner, Billy Wood, laughed, adding, “You stay married a long time that way.”

President Obama paid $60 for the 70-pound full moons, a half dozen small orange pumpkins and a bag of Virginia peanuts.

“Don’t hurt yourself now,” the president yelled out to an aide picking up the giant pumpkins. “Where are we going to put it? In the back of the bus?”

Obama and the first lady then posed for pictures and promised to send photos of the pumpkins back to the store.

“We’re going to send pictures of the pumpkins outside the White House,” President Obama said, shortly before the pumpkins were carried back onto the bus and the motorcade got back on the road.

-Mary Bruce and Ann Compton

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