Romney Reports Earning $14 Million in Third Quarter

Former Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign announced today that he will report raising more than $14 million in the third quarter fundraising period.

This brings the total amount raised by the Romney campaign in primary contributions so far this year to $32 million.

Like last quarter, Romney contributed none of his personal fortune into his campaign and none of the money raised is for the general election.

The campaign also adds that it has $14.65 million on hand after the third quarter and received donations from more than 55,000 people, increasing the total donors from the second quarter by 74 percent.

Romney aides had tampered down fundraising expectations in the recent weeks, acknowledging that the first quarter of a campaign often sees a higher number than the rest.

In the second fundraising quarter, the Romney campaign raked in $18.25 million, and all of that money was comprised of primary contributions only and no general election funds. Cash on hand for the campaign last quarter was $12.6 million, and the campaign reported spending 31 percent of what they’ve earned.

One of Romney’s GOP counterparts, Texas Governor Rick Perry, reported earning $17 million in the 49 days he was a presidential candidate in the third quarter and has $15 million on hand. Perry raised $347,000 a day from 20,000 unique donors in all 50 states including D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam. Some 51 percent of the cash came from outside his home state of Texas. About $50,000 of the money Perry was raised for the general election.

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