The Note’s Must-Reads for Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Compiled by ABC News Digital News Associates Jayce Henderson, Jacqueline Fernandez and Desk Assistant Amanda VanAllen

PRESIDENT OBAMA / JOBS: The Los Angeles Times’ Lisa Mascaro: “ Obama goads Republicans to present alternative jobs plan” As the Senate prepares for a vote on President Obama’s jobs proposal Tuesday, the president is calling on his Republican opponents not just to explain their no votes but to offer a better alternative. Obama’s $447-billion jobs plan, with its mix of tax breaks for workers and new spending to hire teachers or build roads and bridges, would add 1.9 million jobs and boost gross domestic product by 2 percentage points, according to independent economists. LINK

The Hills’ Sam Youngman: “ Obama campaign memo warns Congress on jobs bill votes” President Obama’s top campaign adviser said in a memo Monday — the eve of the Senate vote on Obama’s jobs bill — that Congress will continue to suffer politically if the bill is defeated. David Axelrod said in a campaign memo that a majority of Americans believe another recession is coming or already here, and voters will punish Congress for failing to stop it. LINK

PROTESTS / OCCUPY WALL STREET: The New York Times’ Eric Lipton: “ Protests Offer Help, and Risk, for Democrats” Leading Democratic figures, including party fund-raisers and a top ally of President Obama, are embracing the spread of the anti-Wall Street protests in a clear sign that members of the Democratic establishment see the movement as a way to align disenchanted Americans with their party. LINK

GOP: The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker: “ Rick Perry has most at stake in latest Republican presidential debate” On the eve of Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, Mitt Romney shopped for votes in a quaint country store and cast himself as a champion of the middle class. Jon Huntsman Jr. released his foreign policy agenda. Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum journeyed from town to town searching for some spark to ignite their struggling campaigns. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Mark Maremont: “ Behind Perry’s Jobs Success, Numbers Draw New Scrutiny“  In promoting his Texas job-creation record, Gov. Rick Perry often cites the success of an economic-development fund he initiated eight years ago. According to the governor’s website, the Texas Enterprise Fund’s $440 million in taxpayer grants has brought more than 59,000 new and promised jobs to the state. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Neil King Jr. and Jonathan Weisman: “ Debates Take Candidates for a Bumpy Ride” There has been a Michele Bachmann bounce and a Tim Pawlenty plunge, a Herman Cain climb and a Rick Perry plummet. The Republican presidential primary campaign has seen a succession of candidates rise and decline—in each case, driven in part by forceful or stumbling debate performances. LINK

Politico’s Marin Cogan and Jake Sherman: “ Republican Study Committee is GOP’s ‘circular firing squad’” A civil war is brewing inside the most influential conservative group in Congress. The Republican Study Committee, which has long served as the conservative policy nerve center for the House GOP, has been beset by infighting and disputes over the group’s mission. LINK

USA Today’s  Catalina Camia: “ Cain’s support triples in Gallup Poll as Perry drops” Herman Cain’s political surge continues, as a new Gallup Poll finds the former pizza chain executive within 2 percentage points of Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential field. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, leads the GOP candidates with 20% compared with 18% for Cain in the Gallup survey. LINK

The New York Daily News’ Corky Siemaszko: “ Ohio’s Joe the Plumber, a.k.a. Samuel Wurzelbacher, mulling run for Congress as Republican” Joe the Plumber wants to be Joe the Congressman. Samuel Wurzelbacher, who became briefly famous during the 2008 presidential election, has filed papers to run as a Republican in Ohio. LINK

FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: ABC News’  Suzan Clarke: “ George W. Bush on Iraq, Afghanistan: ‘I Happen to Think It Was Worth Fighting’” To the 30 percent of veterans who in a recent Pew Research Center poll said that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t worth fighting, former President George W. Bush has this to say: “I hope history proves them wrong.” “The only way for there to be peace is for free societies to emerge. And, you know, history takes a while to unfold,” he told ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff in an exclusive interview yesterday. “I happen to think it was worth fighting. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have put them into combat.” LINK

NANCY PELOSI: The Washington Times’ Chuck Neubauer: “ Pelosi’s disclosure belated in husband’s land deal” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s husband, a real estate developer and investment banker, stands to make millions of dollars in a previously undisclosed residential real estate project in California as a partner with the father of a woman Mrs. Pelosi helped become ambassador to Hungary, records show. LINK

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