Bachmann Likens Obama’s Supercommittee Leadership to ‘Where’s Waldo?’

GOP contender Michele Bachmann called President Obama’s nine-day trip to Asia an “absolute failure” and criticized him for not focusing on the supercommittee this week when an important deadline loomed.

She compared his absence on the supercommittee vote to the kids’ book “Where’s Waldo?”

Bachmann met Monday with business mogul Donald Trump at his midtown Manhattan office. This was their fourth meeting.

The meeting itself was closed to the press.

But Bachmann made herself available afterward, and called Trump an “influential voice in the 2012 election” and said the two mainly discussed the economy, particularly the balance of trade with China and OPEC.

Asked whether she was worried about the play Mitt Romney is now making in Iowa, Bachmann said she was “looking strong in the Hawkeye State.”

Asked if she and Trump discussed President Obama’s birth certificate, she dodged, saying, “we talked primarily about the economy.”

This morning in an interview in the fourth hour of NBC’s “Today” show, Bachmann suggested her treatment at last week’s CBS debate stemmed from her being a woman. Asked if she thought she was a victim of sexism, Bachmann dodged and said “the media is what the media is” and said she wrote her book “Core of Conviction,” which was released today, to talk “directly to the American people.”

Following her meeting, Bachmann headed to 30 Rock to tape   Jimmy Fallon’s show.

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