Cain Vowed to Refuse Further Discussion of Allegations That Disgust His Wife

ABC News’ Steven Portnoy and Michael Falcone report:

Herman Cain had hoped to put an end to the allegations of sexual misconduct by refusing to talk about a controversy that disgusts his wife, the Republican presidential candidate told conservative radio and television personality Bill O’Reilly in an interview that broadcast tonight.

The interview with Cain aired tonight on O’Reilly’s presidential town hall radio show but was taped Thursday, according to a Fox News source. Cain assured O’Reilly that the harassment story was “not going to be in play after I finish this interview.”

“If I get another request, Bill, after this, this is the last official time. I’m simply not going to do the interview,” he said.

But Cain broke his own pledge, weighing in on the harassment issue in an interview with a Fox News television correspondent this weekend.

O’Reilly let Cain off the hook without asking any probing questions about the allegations. Cain said his wife, Gloria, was “handling this as I expected her to.”

“She is disgusted that this is happening,” Cain said. “She is still 200 percent supportive of me and she is still 200 percent my wife.”

Cain complained that his every word is “going to be fly-spect” from now on and he railed against “media scrutiny over insignificant stuff.”

Cain also blamed the Rick Perry campaign for spreading the rumors, saying that he was “not 100 percent sure” Perry’s people were behind them, “but the dots didn’t lead but in one direction.”

O’Reilly pressed Cain on his foreign policy experience. “You’re weak on foreign policy, Mr. Cain, you’re weak,” he said, berating him for his apparent lack of knowledge about China’s nuclear weapons program.

Cain defended himself, saying, “When I said that China was not a nuclear power, I was talking about the amount of their nuclear capability. I know that they have a nuclear weapon. I know they have a capability, but they don’t have the nuclear capability that we have.”

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO also noted that he had breakfast with Henry Kissinger that morning.

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