DNC Spokesman: Romney’s Policies Are “Terrible”

Nov 8, 2011 3:04pm

Responding to several of today’s ABC News/Yahoo! Newsmaker interviews from the eight leading GOP candidates, Democratic National Committee communications director Brad Woodhouse said on ABC’s “Top Line” that the DNC plans to focus their message on President Obama’s accomplishments, rather than the policies of their opponents.

“Look, I do think Mitt Romney’s terrible…I think his policies are terrible, I don’t think it’s going to be about that at all. We’re going to spend a lot of time talking about what the president has done and what he’s accomplished.”

Woodhouse believes that this election cycle will come down to a choice for voters.

“It’s going to be a choice between two visions,” Woodhouse told ABC News’s Rick Klein and Amy Walter, “one that says we should invest in things, that will help create jobs and prepare our students and children and workforce for the future, and Republicans who say, ‘No, we can’t. We just can’t do anything anymore to move the country forward. We just have to cut everything. Cut social security, leave seniors out to dry.’”

The Romney campaign responded to Woodhouse’s claim, telling ABC News “President Obama has accomplished what no other president in modern history has: unemployment above 8% for each full month of his presidency, one million foreclosures, $15 trillion in debt, and the loss of our prized AAA credit rating. After three years, it is clear that his presidency has been an abject failure and Democrats will be unable to point to any real accomplishments. They will only make baseless and false claims to distract from President Obama’s abysmal record.”

Woodhouse said that he believes that Congressional Republicans are prioritizing defeating Obama in 2012 over achieving actual legislative accomplishments now.

“Look – Mitch McConnell you know if a moment of honesty a few years ago said his number one priority was defeating the president. It wasn’t about creating jobs. It wasn’t about putting Americans back to work. It’s about defeating the president.”

In addition to looking forward to 2012, Woodhouse also reflected back on the 2010 midterm elections, responding to the criticism put forth by former President Bill Clinton in his new book “Back to Work,” which hits stands today. In his book President Clinton alleges that in 2010 he, along with Vice President Joe Biden, suggested to the Democratic National Committee that they distribute talking points detailing President Obama’s accomplishments to supporters campaigning on the Democrats’ behalf. However, according to Clinton, they “were unable to persuade the decision makers to do so.”

On “Top Line” Woodhouse refuted this claim, saying “I have no knowledge of what he is referencing. All I can tell you is what we did and what we did was we… we, we obsessively sent out talking points on Democratic accomplishments.”

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