‘Gov. Reggie Love’? Obama’s Former Body Man Mum on Future Plans

By ABC News

Nov 22, 2011 12:00am
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ESPN’s David  Picker reports:

Now that President Obama’s personal assistant has resigned to attend business school at Wharton, this question begs to be asked: What will Reggie Love do after graduation?

Perhaps a career in politics? “Governor Love” has a certain ring to it.

“The unfortunate part of my job is that I know what it takes to win a presidency and to win an election,” Love said. “I can’t see myself volunteering for that duty. I think public service is great.  And hopefully, I can be a public servant again at some point in time.  But I think for the time being, politics are tough, man.”

Love might be more politically savvy than he sounds. He never actually said no to politics.

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If Love does run for office, he might choose to return to North Carolina. He grew up in Charlotte and won a national championship in basketball while attending Duke as an undergraduate in 2001. But with a master’s degree in business administration, he might want to get into, well, business. Love isn’t saying because, like many students, he’s just not sure yet.

Another possibility could be a career in teaching. After all, in his three years working in the White House as what’s called a “body man,” Love did more than attend to Obama’s every need. Every Sunday morning for about a year, he taught basketball to the president’s daughters, Sasha and Malia.

“I think we did the basketball clinics with them as a result of the president kind of thinking that they weren’t getting the full basketball experience that they could be getting from playing up north at Sidwell,” Love said. “Teach ‘em how to do screen-and-rolls.”

Eventually, Obama’s daughters invited their classmates from Sidwell Friends School to join, which explains the carpool of girls being dropped off at the White House each week. If it was raining or cold, they’d practice inside.

Whichever career path Love ultimately takes, it’s clear he will always have one heck of a job reference. Obama hopes Love can one day return the favor.

“What I am counting on is Reggie making loads of money,” Obama said during the presidential campaign, “so that when I am out of politics, I will have someone who can hire me and I can get a corner office and not do much.”



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