Herman Cain Tells Kalamazoo, ‘I’ve Been Through Hell!’

KALAMAZOO, Mich. -  Herman Cain hit his third event in Michigan, stopping in Kalamazoo. His second event in Battle Creek was only made known to local press.

Cain was all smiles but did not answer any questions, except for, “How you enjoying the weather?”

It was snowing furiously when Cain arrived.

“I love it!” he said.

Cain told the 200-plus crowd gathered in Kalamazoo, “You all don’t know how encouraging this is.”

Reminding the crowd that he never took a course in political correctness, Cain spoke about the events of the last week, when he was dogged by resurfaced allegations that he sexually harassed women.

“Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been through hell,” he said. “Now here’s the good news. It didn’t kill me or slow us down one bit.

“The reason is, is because the reaction from supporters has been overwhelming,” he added. “You’ve not only expressed your support with emails, phone calls, getting out and organizing, but people were actually donating their dollars as well. And so that was just a reaffirmation that I’m in this race for the right reasons.”

Cain touched on the strengths of his 9-9-9 plan, his foreign policy philosophy, and what he would do if he got elected to serve in the White House.

Attendees were enthusiastic, replying to Cain’s signature one-liners with cheers, applause, even some occasional chanting.

“The day after the Election Day, when I win the presidency, the day after, I’m gonna take a nap. Next day, I’m gonna go to work”, Cain said.

He referred to what he calls “code critical” crises plaguing the nation, including national security and the economy.

A woman in the audience yelled to Cain, “No golfing?”

Cain replied, to laughter, “No golf. Don’t have time. This nation is in trouble.

“I’m a golfer,” he said. “I love to play golf. I was on my way to cruise control before the country got off track. But I was willing to give it up.”

Cain will continue his tour through Michigan — next stop, Grand Rapids.

He has refused to answer questions on sexual harassment allegations against him, Rick Perry’s debate flub, or questions about his chief-of-staff, Mark Block, who some, even within the Tea Party, have criticized for his poor management of the ongoing scandal.

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