In Defense, Romney as ‘Consistent as Human Beings Can Be’

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney disputed claims by his rivals that he changes his position on issues too often, saying Thursday that he is “as consistent as human beings can be.”

Romney, in speaking to the Seacoastonline editorial board in Portsmouth, N.H., explained that he “cannot state every single issue in the exact same words every single time.”


“There are some folks who, obviously, for various political and campaign purposes will try to find some change and call great attention to something that looks like change, which, in fact , is entirely consistent,”  Romney said.

Both the Democrats and Romney’s fellow GOP contenders have labeled Romney as a flip-flopper on various issues. Jon Huntsman alone has released three Web videos this week attacking Romney for switching positions.

The DNC launched an entire website called, “” Gov. Rick Perry has also been vocal in his criticism of Romney’s positions.

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