New Book ‘Commander in Chic’ Talks First Lady’s Fashion

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As the most celebrated fashionista first lady since Jackie-O, Michelle Obama often finds her outfits at the center of Americans’ attention. Now one book purports to guide women in capturing  the 47-year-old Obama’s elegant style.

The hardcover released yesterday called “Commander in Chic” is written by Mikki Taylor, editor-at-large of ESSENCE magazine. The magazine is running a feature on their website this month called “ First Lady Style : Gowns.”

Taylor says the point of the book is to help readers define the style that best suits them.

“I used Michelle Obama as a muse because she is certainly one woman who owns her life and masters her style,” Taylor said on the Steve Harvey Morning Show Tuesday.

See ABC’s array of Michelle Obama’s best outfits from pretty-in-pink at APEC to rocking fashion-forward fuchsia on a work out with the New York Police Athletic League’s Harlem Center.

Americans have been hooked on Obama’s style since before her husband captured the White House. Back in December 2007, Vanity Fair ran a profile on the wife of then-candidate Barack Obama.

“Regally tall, stunning, and city-chic in a triple strand of pearls atop her country-casual pants-and-sweater outfit, she manages to look as down to earth as any other soccer mom and as glamorous as a model while instantly commanding respect, even before she starts to speak,” Vanity Fair Contributing Editor Leslie Bennetts wrote of Michelle.

D.C. fashion blogger Belle said “a style rebirth” that started in D.C. in 2006 has a lot to do with Obama’s popularity.

“The first lady appeared on the scene at exactly the right time to help that along by showing women that prints and color and statement jewelry could be appropriate for the political world,” Belle wrote in an email to ABC News.

In the introduction to her book, Taylor reveals that Michelle Obama was wearing an outfit from H&M when they met to discuss the cover of the book in 2006. This retailer is known for its stylish yet inexpensive duds – not something you would expect on a future first lady. But such down-to-earth tastes make her look easier to emulate.

For those looking to borrow Obama’s elegance, Belle offered these tips: “Don’t be afraid of color or prints, don’t be afraid to accessorize and make sure that all of your pieces are tailored to fit.”

The first lady plans to release her own book on the White House Garden called “ American Grown ” in April 2012.

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