Rick Perry Launches Nearly $1 Million Ad Campaign

Coming soon to a TV near you will be an onslaught of ads from the Rick Perry campaign. A source with knowledge of the advertising buy confirmed to ABC News that Texas Governor Rick Perry bought $975,000 worth of television ads, which will air on FOX News.

These ads come just two days after a debate where Perry committed his biggest gaffe to date when he failed to name a third agency he would eliminate if he were to become president.

This story was first reported by the New York Times.

Until this new disbursement of ads, Perry had focused solely on airing TV spots in the key early states of Iowa, which saw its first ads two weeks ago, and New Hampshire, where ads began airing last week.

The ad running on Fox on Friday was Perry’s second, in which he proclaims himself  ” a doer, not talker.

The Perry campaign also dispatched radio advertisements in Iowa and New Hampshire last week.

A pro-Perry super PAC, Make Us Great Again, bought $382,000 worth of ad space in South Carolina and Iowa last week.

A source familiar with ad buying, suggests 975k  will buy roughly 10 ads per day over 2 weeks.  And remember, it is a “national” buy which means the vast majority of people who see it will not be voting in the key early primary states.  In this way it is not particularly efficient.  And what this suggests, says one senior Republican, is that the real target is jittery Perry donors in need of reassuring that he is trying to do something—anything– to turn his ship around.

But there are signs that this will be an enormously difficult task.  Every campaign is different, and  this one is unfolding in its own unprecedented ways.  Paid media has not been the focus. Rather, as one Republican puts it, “this campaign is being driven by debates.”  The debates seem to be what is driving public opinion and the media narrative.  As such, it is hard to see how an ad changes things.  And one particularly ominous sign for Perry is that the Romney campaign seems to devoting less and less time attacking him.  For nearly two months this seemed like a 2 man race, with sharp salvos back and forth between the Romney and Perry camps.  But now, there are signs that the Romney team has backed off.  As one Republican with vast campaign experience put it: “Why bother?”

ABC News’ John Berman contributed to reporting.

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