Rick Perry Says He Owes No Apology to Cain

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he owes no apology to Herman Cain after Cain and his aides accused the Perry campaign of leaking details about Cain being the subject of a past sexual harassment complaint.

“No apology needed. We found out about this the same time that I suppose the rest of America found out about it,” Perry said in an interview with CNN’s John King. “Our campaign didn’t have anything to do with it.”

Perry was adamant his campaign was not involved in leaking the story, but said if someone in his campaign was responsible, he would quickly fire them.

“Out the door,” Perry said. “If you’re passing on rumors that are that heinous, that bad, you don’t need to be working with me. Gone.”

When asked if Cain owes Perry an apology for the accusations launched against his campaign, Perry did not comment, only saying he understands political games are played during a campaign.

“There’s going to be more stuff floating around out there in the campaigns,” Perry said. “So I tell people this isn’t my first rodeo. They’re going to say all kinds of things about folks. I’m going to stay focused on: How does America get back to work? And we’ve laid out a couple of really good plans, both on the energy side and the tax side - how to cut spending. And that’s what Americans are interested in.”

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