Romney Campaign Hosts 12 Conference Calls to Rebuke DNC Ad

Unwilling to “just sit back and not respond” to the ad released today by the Democratic National Committee, the Mitt Romney campaign scheduled a series of 12 conference calls with various surrogates around the nation to denounce the claims made in the ad and to discuss President Obama’s record.

Romney Communications Director Gail Gitcho began the first call, hosted by former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, explaining that the purpose of the dozen conference calls is to “respond to what the democrats are doing in the swing states.”

The DNC released an ad this morning that will be televised in six television markets and describes Romney as “two men trapped in one body.” The ad, titled “Trapped,” accuses Romney of being “Two Mitts willing to say anything.” Pawlenty said that the ad was “reflection of how worried” the DNC and the president are to go head-to-head against Romney in the general election.

“It’s obvious Barack Obama doesn’t want to face Mitt Romney,” said Pawlenty. “The contrast would be striking. When you look at them trying to tear down Mitt Romney – it’s really amazing.”

Pawlenty also referred to President Obama as the “Barney Fife of Presidents,” referencing the fictional character on the Andy Griffith Show. On the program, Fife was known for overreacting.

New Hampshire House Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt said during a subsequent call that the “nexus of this attack is to distract the country.”

Up to twelve conference calls will be held throughout the afternoon. Along with Pawlenty, the calls will feature state lawmakers from Wisconsin, Ohio and Massachusetts, a former Iowa Republican party chairman and a former Pennsylvania Congressman.

Describing President Obama as “stumbling,” “bumbling,” and “incoherent,” when it comes to dealing with the economy, Pawlenty said he knows “the country is ready to throw [Obama] out.”

Asked specifically how the inaccuracies in the DNC ad are any different from the inaccurate portrayal of a quote spoken by President Obama and highlighted in Romney’s first televised ad last week, Gitcho said that while the Romney campaign was “up front” about the use of the quote, sending out press materials in advance of the ad, the DNC ad was a “clip job.”

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