Gingrich: Iowa Race Will Be "Turmoil Until Tuesday Night"

SIOUX CITY, Iowa- Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich stopped by his newly opened volunteer headquarters today and told the press he isn't worried about fluctuating polls showing him in fourth place for the Iowa Caucus.

"I'm very satisfied with where we are," Gingrich said. "Look it's all going to be just turmoil until Tuesday night." Gingrich added: "On Tuesday night, probably a third to half of the people who walk in will be open to changing their mind about all of us, and I think everybody's trying to sort out what's going on."

Gingrich said if the caucus were a week ago, he would not be in good shape for the competition because of the negative advertising from the Mitt Romney and Ron Paul campaigns and the super PACs supporting them.  "A week ago we hadn't had time to answer," Gingrich said. "A week ago you had all the distortions, all the dishonesty, all the negativity and no answer."

Rather than taking to the airwaves to combat the ads and mailers, Gingrich is holding "Tele-town hall" meetings so that Iowans can call in and ask him directly about attack ads. The campaign says the town halls have turned out thousands of callers each meeting.

"I'll let you estimate how you well you think other candidates would have done with that barrage thrown at them and we're still standing," Gingrich said to the press.

Though the negative advertising could be to blame for Gingrich's poll numbers dropping in Iowa, his poll numbers are also dropping in N.H., a fact Gingrich brushed off today, saying, "I'm paying total attention to Iowa."

Gingrich said there will be room for more than three tickets out of Iowa and even if he finishes fourth, he will remain in the race. "Considering I'm more than 20 points ahead in some states, it would be fairly foolish me not to stay in the race," Gingrich said.

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