Latest Salvo in Romney assault on Newt

This morning the Romney campaign will step up its coordinated full-frontal assault on Newt Gingrich.

The Romney team is releasing a web-video titled "With Friends Like Newt."

It lambastes the former House speaker for his criticism of Paul Ryan's Medicare reform plan, using sound and images from a range of pundits and politicians.

Now trailing in polls in several key early-voting states, the Romney team is clearly determined to raise questions about Gingrich's conservative credentials. The ad quotes conservative icon Ryan saying of Newt, "With friends like that, who needs the left."

Gingrich once labeled the Ryan plan "right-wing social engineering."

This web video comes on the heels of a television ad from the Romney campaign that emphasized Romney's long marriage to only one woman. Gingrich, of course, has been married three times.

Overnight, we also got a glimpse a scathing ad from Restore our Future, a superPAC that backs Romney. The ad notes, "Newt has a ton of baggage." That was a theme highlighted in a Romney campaign conference call Thursday.

The PAC has yet to officially release that ad.

The new Romney campaign video is attached here:

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