Rick Perry Takes a Quick Coffee Break, Gives Health Tip to Reporters

HARLAN, Iowa - As he popped in and out of shops around the perimeter of the town square here, Texas Gov. Rick Perry made a quick stop at the Coffee Plant for a little coffee break.

Perry ordered himself an apple cider and a latte for Dawn Cundiff, who runs the Harlan Chamber of Commerce and whose son, Billy, was a kicker for the Dallas Cowboys. Cundiff guided Perry during his tour of the Harlan town square.

The Texas governor told reporters he normally drinks an aged Sumatra blend of coffee with a "little Splenda, a little half and half," and he shared one of his secret health tips.

"Actually, when I'm home, I put honey in it," Perry said. "Honey that's produced in the area you live is a good way to fight off allergies. There's your health tip for the day."

"Health tip. No charge for that," Perry joked to the press.

Perry's bill came to $5.03, and the Texas governor paid with a $20 bill. He dropped part of the change into the Salvation Army bin sitting next to the cash register.

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