Right or Wrong? ‘Big man’ Manhandles student without a ticket off the train

Scotrail No Ticket 

Suddenly a disagreement breaks out between a teenager and the ticket conductor on the train, 10 minutes later the conversation becomes more heated, with the odd swear word being flung around by the youth, maybe the boy is telling the truth about having a ticket, maybe he isn't, what would you do?

Alan Pollock, a financial manager from Edinburgh, took it upon himself to physically throw Sam Mains, a student from Edinburgh, off the train. Mr Pollock, now labelled 'The Big Man' received applause from the train carriage when he returned from his triumphant battle with the fare evader, who has now been labelled across the internet as 'Fare dodger'.  

The viral video has been viewed 1,363,857 times on youtube, and the discussion's that take place below are mixed in opinion. Should Big Man have thrown Fare Dodger off? Should he be prosecuted? Would he have done the same to an old lady? Or to someone his own size?

Big Man himself said he's 'horrified' by the response to the video, he went on to say that it was a 'good deed' that had turned into a 'nightmare'. Big Man Snr (Alan Pollock's father) said that it was very out of character for him to act like that, and that he must have been pushed to the limit by the 10 minute back and forth between conductor and youth.

The fare dodger himself, however, had a different take on the matter, posting on facebook moments after: "theres a video ae me on youtube hahahahaha! Scotrail no ticket ;)" and with regards to the explosive effect the video has had on the media "it all happened quite fast but its way out of my hands the now. The papers are full of rubbish, its all twistin everythin me or ma family say".  

The question remains…who is wrong, and who is right? How far can a vigilante push the law in the name of 'good' before he becomes a criminal himself? Take a look at the video and judge for yourself.

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