Stop Shopping and Start Talking, GOP Tells Obama

President Obama can't even go to Best Buy these days without getting shellacked by House Republicans.

Shortly after calling House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday about the payroll tax cut extension that the House voted down, Obama slipped out of the White House to make a  short shopping trip to Alexandria, Va., where he stopped in at Best Buy and PetSmart to buy video games  for his daughters and a chew toy for dog Bo.

For Republicans, apparently that was too much time away from business.

At a multi-member news conference today, the House GOP leaders demanded that Obama work with them on extending the tax cut in dispute,  with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., noting  that he "saw the president out yesterday doing his Christmas shopping" with Bo.

"He can bring his dog up here," Cantor said. "We are pet friendly."

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