Crystal Ball: ABC Correspondents Wonder Who Will Win South Carolina

We're journalists, not prognosticators. But in this business, sometimes it is just an irresistible conversation line to turn to each other and ask, 'so, what do you think is really going to happen?'

Jonathan Karl - ABC News Senior Political Correspondent

Gingrich Romney Paul Santorum

7,216 voters for Herman Cain

Rick Klein - Senior Washington Editor for World News with Diane Sawyer

Romney Gingrich Paul Santorum

1,227 votes for Herman Cain

Shushannah Walshe - ABC News Digital Reporter

Newt Romney Santorum Paul

23 votes for Herman Cain

Matt Negrin - Political Reporter

Romney Gingrich Paul Santorum

2,000 votes for Herman Cain

Huma Khan - Digital Reporter

Mitt Romney Newt Gingrich Rick Santorum Ron Paul 50 votes for Herman Cain

Elizabeth Hartfield - Political Unit

Mitt Romney Newt Gingrich Rick Santorum Ron Paul 200 votes for Herman Cain

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