Florida Primary Eve, Mitt Romney at McDonalds, Catholics vs. Obama, Bo vs. Seamus, Bringing Back Donald Trump and 999 (The PM Note)

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf ( @zbyronwolf) and Sarah Parnass ( @wordsofsarah) report:

Romney Carves Pig - If you see one picture this primary eve from Florida primary, make it this one of Mitt Romney carving up a pig. It says something, perhaps, about the state of the nomination fight right now - http://abcn.ws/wUHrq0

Romney / Obama Bus Mirror - If you see a second, look at this mirror image, Obama on a bus, Romney on a bus, from Jon Karl - http://abcn.ws/Ar37fB

Jon Karl also caught Mitt at McDonalds (2 burgers, no cheese, small fry) - http://abcn.ws/wwGRJE

Compare: The Obama Superbowl Menu (Nachos, Guac) - http://abcn.ws/zEYyRT

Donald Trump More Serious About 3 rd Party Run - Reaching out to money men: http://abcn.ws/xvsOGe

(Psst. Shocked that Celebrity Apprentice premieres in a fortnight?)

The Rebirth of 999 - Newt Gingrich tells Jon Karl he's considering Herman Cain's tax plan. http://abcn.ws/wWKTWT

Things are Getting Mean - The barbs and insults traded between Gingrich and Romney are getting meaner, more pointed and harder to keep track of. Here's Amy Bingham's exhaustive guide: http://abcn.ws/xrm4Vk

Lasting Scars - Amy Walter Wonders If All the Cuts are going to leave permanent scars - "To be sure, we live in a fast-paced, ADD culture, where most of us can't even remember what we ate for dinner last night, let alone what candidates were fighting about months back. But, at some point, impressions start to form of these candidates. And those impressions are tough to change." http://abcn.ws/wRzImy

Vice President Joe Biden Spills the Beans on Bin Laden Raid - Everyone in the Situation Room but Leon Panetta counseled Obama 'no' or hedged -  http://abcn.ws/yFNGLi

Florida Watch Party - David Muir watched 30 minutes of morning TV in Florida and saw five ads by Romney and allies. Zero ads by Gingrich and allies: http://abcn.ws/ybiRqY

Catholic Church vs. Obama in Election Year Showdown - In light of a mandate requiring even religious groups (other than actual Churches and other houses of worship) to cover birth control in insurance plans for employees, Roman Catholic leaders openly denounced the president this Sunday. The leaders read aloud a letter denouncing the mandate at services this Sunday. http://abcn.ws/w6FH7t

Cautionary Note from Gary Langer - Obama only won Catholics if you include Hispanics, a reliably majority Democratic group. White Catholics - excluding Hispanics - are a swing voter group, and, unusually, Obama lost them, 47-52, yet won the election. He was the first candidate in exit polls since 1976 to lose white Catholics but win the presidency nonetheless.

Why 'Obamacare' Should be 'Roscoecare'? Turns out long dead Ohio farmer Roscoe Filburn plays a crucial role in the president's health care legislation. Listen for his name this year as the Supreme Court decides the Constitutionality of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. http://abcn.ws/zSjGXr

Men: Make Room in the Driver's Seat - This is the kind of thing that makes (half of) us question science. Women topped men in ability to park a car in a recent study out of the UK http://abcn.ws/y67xdw

Obama to 'Hang Out' on Google - The president will demonstrate his social media savvy once again while answering questions about the State of the Union using Google+'s hangout feature. http://abcn.ws/AztE4l

Jay Carney, Like the Rest of Us, Falters in Explaining Google+ - That's right. He doesn't get it, either. http://abcn.ws/Ac5xLD

Obama Campaign Courts Dog Lovers: Bo vs. Seamus - http://abcn.ws/A7e6nk

WATCH: Romney's Ben Hur-Like Arrival - http://abcn.ws/wC6NO5

WATCH: Herman Cain's Campaign Manager Puffs On - http://abcn.ws/xQQnCX

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