Mitt Romney Denies Gingrich Claim That He'd 'Buy the Election'

ATLANTIC, Iowa - Mitt Romney today pushed back on claims launched by Newt Gingrich accusing him of wanting to "buy the election" if he could, saying that this election is being driven not by money, but by message.

"Let's see, Speaker Gingrich I think announced that he raised 10 million this quarter and he ought to be proud of that. We're working hard to raise funds as well. This is an election, however, that's not being driven by money raised - it's being driven by message, connection with the voters, debate and experience," Romney said during a press conference at the Family Table diner in western Iowa.

"I think that those are the features that are driving the campaign so far and I think they probably will be through the entire process," he said.

Earlier today in Ames, Gingrich was asked whether he believes Romney is trying to "buy the election," a phrase he had used talking to press this morning.

"Well, three and a half million dollars of negative ads, you tell me?" Gingrich responded.

Romney, who has not yet divulged his fourth quarter fundraising numbers, also said today that he expects his campaign to have raised more this quarter than any of the previous ones.

ABC News' Elicia Dover contributed to this report.

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