New Hampshire Results: Candidates In Their Words

VIDEO: ABC Predicts Mitt Romney Will Win N.H. Primary

ABC News projected just after 8pm that Mitt Romney would win the New Hampshire primary. Within half an hour he had taken the stage at his victory party to rally the troops.

ABC Projects Mitt Romney Will Win N.H. Primary

Based on exit polls, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman will finish 2nd, 3rd respectively.

Romney: Tonight We Celebrate. Tomorrow, We Go Back to Work

The N.H. primary winner criticizes Obama in speech, looks ahead to S.C.

Feisty Ron Paul Says Momentum Can't Be Stopped

Paul congratulates Romney on N.H. win, says "we're nibbling at his heels."

Jon Huntsman: Third Place Is a Ticket to Ride

2012 candidate says finish in N.H. primary guarantees he will move on to S.C.

Newt Gingrich Says Campaign Will Go On To S.C. 

The 2012 candidate shut out of top three in N.H. primary.

Rick Santorum: We Knew N.H. Would Be Tough

The 2012 candidate shut out of the top three in N.H.

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