Obama Talks to Diane Sawyer on Self-Doubt, Second-Guessing, Dole Has Daggers Out, Mitt's Army Mobilizes

Obama interviewed by Diane Sawyer -

Second Guesses Himself all the Timehttp://abcn.ws/ygAsjt

Patriots or Giants?http://abcn.ws/yCPXBd

What Really Happened on Tarmac with Brewerhttp://abcn.ws/wVrxak

SEALs Rescue Made Him Think of His Own Daughtershttp://abcn.ws/zmhxv5

The Rest:

Romney Failed to Disclose Income from Swiss Account - http://abcn.ws/Amd19n

Earth to Newt: A Reality Check on the Moon, Mars - from ABC's Gina Sunseri in Houston - http://abcn.ws/AjVq6X

Hillary Clinton "Tired," Refers to "High Wire of American Politics - Ready to Throw in the Towel? http://abcn.ws/w77XeO

Pentagon: Fewer Soldiers, More Drones Will Save Moneyhttp://abcn.ws/xVPymz

Wedding Bells for Barney Frank and Longtime Partner Jim Ready - http://abcn.ws/y5Wj7g

TOP LINE: The Florida Question - Florida has a reputation as a kind of a wacky place where anything can happen in politics. Maybe that's why we find ourselves, several days from the primary, talking about lunar colonies and Swiss bank accounts. More on Florida on TOP LINE -  http://abcn.ws/xYywcE

Mitt Mobilizes - We're either witnessing a masterful political hit or the tale of an unbeatable survivor. Romney's army has mobilized against Newt Gingrich - Witness:

Bob Dole Has Daggers Out - It's not often that one person who served with another in public live issues a take-down of this magnitude. Dole, who was Senate Majority Leader when Newt was Speaker, says he's an "empty bucket," has too many ideas, cost Republicans seats in the House and maybe cost Dole the presidency in 1996. If you want to know how desperate the Republican establishment wants to derail Newt, all you have to do is read this - http://abcn.ws/zfiE4L

Or this…

Infiltration: Romney Surrogates at Gingrich Events - Newt's events have become a sort of rolling spin room with Mitt's minions - from Connie Mack to Jason Chaafetz - dogging the former speaker on the trail -

A Crowd for Newt - If Newt Gingrich is going to make this happen he's going to have to hear the rumble of the crowd - if they want him - he's going to have to bring his hand to his ear to hear it like Hulk Hogan and then rip off his proverbial yellow shirt. There will be a crowd at the CNN debate, by the way. And they'll be participating. http://abcn.ws/zZtGsD

Finger Waving, Tough-Talking Govs - More on the Brewer / Obama relationship, from immigration lawsuits to federal funding - http://abcn.ws/w4uDxv

Obama's touting his energy agenda in Las Vegas - http://abcn.ws/ABwC1w

…but still says he's not "campaigning" - http://abcn.ws/xay2Xc

Gingrich's criticism of Washington buying in favor with Tea Partiers in Florida - http://abcn.ws/zBVv84

Romney isn't worried about crowd size, just message - http://abcn.ws/wN0CiT

GOP Battle for Latino Vote Heats Up As Florida Primary Nears  - http://abcn.ws/Alm9pt

Rick Santorum's Still Out There and Says He's Sticking Around - http://abcn.ws/wj78vJ

The Debt Ceiling Ready to Rise Again - http://abcn.ws/w9rJKF

Unexpected Fact of the Day - 10th President John Tyler's Grandchildren Still Alive - http://abcn.ws/z7RaSm

Pre-POTUS Ride - It's not pimped out like a presidential limousine, but for just $1 million dollars you can own the Chrysler 300 President Obama drove while he was a State Senator - http://abcn.ws/x9nd4z

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