Romney Says Obama Has 'Legislator's Lethargy'

ORLANDO, Fla. - Mitt Romney today offered his scathing review of the State of the Union address, accusing President Obama of being "detached from his own reality of what he has done" and saying the president is suffering from "legislator's lethargy."

"The detachment between reality and what he says is so extraordinary, I was just shaking my head as I watched the TV last night," Romney said, speaking on the floor of American Douglas Metals Inc., a metal distributor in Orlando. "I think it's time to have somebody who says what he means and means what he says, and if I am president, that's the kind of president I'd be."

Romney railed against the president for saying during his speech Tuesday night that Congress should come to him with bills to sign, rather than developing legislation himself.

"There were times when the president said: 'If you send me this legislation, I will sign it.' I thought, aren't you the leader of the free world? Why don't you draft some legislation? Why don't you go out and say: 'Here's what I want? Here's what needs to happen,'" Romney said in a speech dubbed by the campaign as a rebuttal to the State of the Union.

"It was, 'You go out and work on this and send it to me, and I'll sign it,'" Romney said of Obama. "It's kind of a legislator's lethargy. Where, instead of leadership, you're always blaming and accusing and pointing fingers, instead of playing golf, instead of taking action, you're lobbying others, instead of acting."

But Romney said that what might have been more "disturbing" than the president's actual speech was what Obama omitted. "My guess is that what he didn't say was probably even more disturbing and detached from reality than some of the things he did say," Romney said. " What he didn't say last night is that we are spending too much and borrowing too much and that America is on a collision course with debt and that if we don't get off this course we could sink the American economy and go into calamity. "

"We are, if you will, a virtual Titanic and he sank full speed ahead," Romney said. "The difference is, of course, with the Titanic they couldn't see the icebergs. In this case, we can see the iceberg. We see it, we are headed toward it and he is saying full speed ahead."

Renewing his attacks on Obama's trip last seek to Florida, where the president gave a speech on the economy at Disney World, Romney quipped that Obama is still living in "fantasyland."

"As I watched the president speak, I was reminded of his trip to Florida just a week or so ago when he spoke in 'fantasyland,' because he was speaking in 'fantasyland' again last night," Romney said. "He seemed so extraordinarily detached from reality, detached from what's going on in Florida. I mean, he came to 'fantasyland' but apparently didn't spend much time in the communities around 'fantasyland' and around this state."

Shaking hands with supporters after the speech, Romney was approached by one woman who tried to hand him a piece of paper resembling a pink slip.

"Gov. Romney, can I give you a pink slip on behalf of all the middle-class jobs that you've killed," the woman screamed, Romney ignoring her. "A pink slip for all the middle-class jobs."

Romney was criticized during the lead up to the New Hampshire primary for a comment he made about his fearing receiving a "pink slip" during his early career.

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