Ron Paul Abandons Event Amid Media Circus

VIDEO: Members of the media descend on Moe Joes Restaurant in New Hampshire.

Who thought the day would come when Ron Paul's campaign would bemoan too much media coverage?

Ron Paul and his wife Carol were forced to abandon a breakfast campaign event this morning after the media circus became too much for the congressman and patrons of a diner to handle.

More than 50 cameramen and 100 members of the media descended on Moe Joe's Restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The congressman slyly entered through the back door and attempted to shake hands with the breakfast crowd.

But when the cameras closed in, it became evident that moving inside the restaurant was impossible and Paul was quickly escorted out the back door.

Undaunted the cameras pushed out the door and surrounded Paul's black SUV in the parking lot.

A woman who had waited for Paul in the restaurant pushed through the media hoard and very loudly and passionately pleaded for the congressman to go back inside.

"I'll get the media to go away," the woman screamed.

But her pleas were drowned out by a man with a bull horn who proceeded to taunt Paul, calling him "chicken" playing the chicken dance song over his loud speaker.

The scene rendered Paul's SUV immobile for about 5 minutes - until his security was forced to move everyone out of the way.

In a statement after the event, Paul's campaign chairman apologized to customers and asked reporters to tone it down.

"While we are very welcoming of media coverage and grateful for the interest in Dr. Paul and his campaign, basic safety simply must come first. On behalf of Dr. Paul and his campaign team, I would like to apologize to customers at Moe Joe's who may have been distressed by this incident, and extend our gratitude and apologies to the owners, who were kind enough to have us," said Benton.  "We ask the press, at all upcoming events over the next day and a half, to be respectful of both Dr. Paul and of New Hampshire voters, who are entitled to examine their candidates in a safe and responsible atmosphere."

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