The Not-So-Major, but Not-So-Awful Endorsements

Manchester, N.H. - There has been lots of chatter on the interwebs about how the endorsement of the liberal Boston Globe hurts Jon Huntsman more than it helps. That seems a stretch. The Globe endorsed McCain here in New Hampshire, and he seemed to have done rather well if I recall. And don't forget, Independents and even - gasp - liberals can vote in the New Hampshire GOP primary, and they might be more likely to since they have no real contest of their own.

I am not saying that endorsements mean much, but at least it gets Huntsman's name said out loud, which it seems he has had some trouble doing lately.

As for Bay Buchanan endorsing Mitt Romney, yes she is a Mormon, and yes she backed Romney last time too and is not herself much of a household name. But at least (from the Romney standpoint) the name Buchanan gets connected to Romney. There have been some Buchanan-Santorum comparisons up here in New Hampshire lately.

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