Dana Loesch 'Shocked' at Gingrich's Tone

VIDEO: George Will, Matthew Dowd, Arianna Huffington, and Dana Loesch.

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Newt Gingrich's tone was so negative in his remarks after his second-place finish in the Nevada caucuses, he "should have stopped talking," Bigjournalism.com editor and radio host Dana Loesch said today on the "This Week" roundtable.

"I was a little bit shocked at the tone of his address last night, especially when contrasted with Romney's very positive speech and Rick Santorum's very positive speech," Loesch said. "Whoever gave him that advice is horrible… He should have stopped talking at one point."

Mitt Romney handily won the Nevada caucuses with roughly double the support of Gingrich. ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd said that the former House speaker "shot himself in the foot."

"[Gingrich] says he has this 45-state strategy or this 46-state strategy, he's going to go all the way to [the Republican nominating convention in August in] Tampa," Dowd said.  "I think he needs a five-state strategy, based on Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' stages of grief, because last week he was in denial, this week he seems to be in anger. He's probably going to go to bargaining next, then depression. He's finally going to get to the state of acceptance."

Gingrich's poor showing aside, doubts about Romney's strength as a candidate - even as he steps closer to securing the GOP nomination for president - emerged on the roundtable. ABC's George Will called Romney the "inevitable nominee," but maintained he is facing an enthusiasm problem.

"In Nevada, where it's really ground zero for the pain of the economic downturn, you would have thought enthusiasm for the Republicans would be up," Will said. "The Romney people have always said, 'We're not counting on enthusiasm to produce winning, we're counting on winning to produce enthusiasm,' and I don't see that happening yet."

AOL Huffington Post Media Group president Arianna Huffington questioned Romney's positioning for the general election.

"If you look at all these months, there were so many Republicans absolutely focused on anyone but Romney. And last night, you saw that shift, and you had almost that feeling, 'OK, Romney,' of kind of reconciling themselves with the inevitable that he will be their nominee," Huffington said. "But the speech that Romney gave last night is not a general election speech … so I wonder at what point he's going to pivot."

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