Fresh Off Florida Win, Romney Focuses Attacks on Obama

EAGAN, Minn. - Hours after his win in Florida's primary, Mitt Romney held a rally today in a suburb of Minneapolis where he maintained a sharp focus on President Obama.

"We need leadership now in our country and we don't have it now in our president," Romney said to a crowd of about 300 in a warehouse filled with idle golf carts. "We elected President Obama to lead, he chose to follow, and now it's time for him to get out of the way.

"He does not know how to lead America. He's detached from the American people. I will stay in touch with the American people and I will lead us back to prosperity."

Romney climbed on stage after an introduction by backer and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and his wife, Mary, as well as former Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota. The state Republican caucus will be held Tuesday and Romney stopped in Eagan on his way to Nevada, where he will hold a rally later this evening.

While Romney never mentioned former House speaker Newt Gingrich by name, despite having engaged in a brutal back and forth in the lead up to the Florida primary, he did make reference to Washington insiders.

"I didn't spend my life as a legislator in Washington, I spent my life in the real world," he said.

"We've got a lot of good legislators, what 535 people in Washington they all think they ought to be president but they haven't had the experience in most cases of actually leading, of having that responsibility," Romney said.

"I think it's time to have someone who has had that responsibility and who understands what Americans are going through."

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