George Will: Football Is a 'Mistake'

VIDEO: The This Week roundtable makes their game day predictions.

                                                                                                              (Image Credit: ABC News)

On Super Bowl Sunday, ABC's George Will called football a "mistake" on the "This Week" roundtable.

"This is the second-highest calorie day in American life, second only to Thanksgiving, and people are betting and eating," Will said. "Football, as I say, combines violence punctuated by committee meetings called huddles. It just replicates the worst aspect of American life."

"That said, when it's over, pitchers and catchers report in two weeks, and we can go back to reading the newspapers," Will added.

After some prodding, Will guessed that the New York Giants would win the big game.

"I usually root for the team whose victory would make the most liberals unhappy," he said, noting New England's liberal population.

ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd said he thought the Giants would win by seven points. AOL Huffington Post Media Group president Arianna Huffington, citing advice from a sports editor of her website, predicted the Giants would also come out on top. editor Dana Loesch agreed.

"If you wanted to make people mad, you could shamelessly say, I'm supporting the Patriots because Patriots," Loesch said. "So Giants I think will win."

Me? Well, I'm going with the New England Patriots.

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