High Times in AF 1 Air Space, Made in North America, Aspirin Birth Control (PM Note)

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf ( @zbyronwolf) reports:

Harshing His Mellow - Pilot With Marijuana Enters AF1 Air Space - http://abcn.ws/yLM0dy

Awkward! - GOP Senators seemed uncomfortable when asked today why none of them had endorsed Santorum - "He's certainly a very nice person," said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, according to Sunlen Miller. "I am not going to do presidential politics right now," said Hutchison. http://abcn.ws/weCPHx

All Male Panel Review - Democrats on Capitol Hill criticized Rep. Darrell Issa for barring their witness, a woman, from his panel on religious freedom. The woman in question is a law student and not a member of the clergy. It was a scene - - http://abcn.ws/zB31JA

Made in (North) America - There are reports the Chrysler Mitt Romney drove in his feel-good Detroit ad may have been made in Canada. It was another off note for the son of Michigan who hopes to turn his campaign around there. He famously wrote "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" - as in a managed bankruptcy - but two auto companies got federal funds from President Bush and were ushered through a not un-bankruptcy-like downsizing by President Obama.

Today, GM posted a record profit. Romney compared what happened to the car companies after their infusion of bailout funds as a sort of bankruptcy. He said he's delighted, according to Emily Friedman. He also got the endorsement of the Michigan governor. http://abcn.ws/zBDEzU

The bookend to Romney's potentially Canadian Chrysler is the fact that Rick Santorum claimed depreciation for a German-made Audi in his 2008 tax return. Audi is planning a North America manufacturing plant. But it'll be in Mexico.

Anniversary Eve - Tomorrow is the third anniversary of the signing of the stimulus and the first anniversary of the Solyndra investigation.

Coal Miner's Son Makes Good  - Santorum, it turns out, left Capitol Hill for a lucrative career, including with a lobbying firm. He's no Romney, but he's not suffering either, making nearly $1 million annually in recent years and trading on the influence he gained as a senator.

Speaking of suffering, yesterday we were drawn to comments Santorum made in 2006 and then in 2011 about contraception. Here's some video that  appears to be from November and was posted by a liberal website that shows Santorum saying suffering can be helpful to children. http://bit.ly/z0GeTy

"And so you have all of the children growing up in an environment where the government is paying you and then we wonder, why these kids feel they're entitled to something? … I swear that suffering, if you're a Christian, suffering is part of life. And it's not a bad thing. It is an essential thing in life…one way to suffer is through lack of food and shelter. There's another way to suffer, which is lack of dignity and hope"

Mitt Romney Says Private Sector Experience Trumps Lobby Work - http://abcn.ws/zOOi3B

Endorsement Aside - Huntsman Criticizes Romney China Stance - http://abcn.ws/zqeSZh

An Aspirin a Day… Birth Control - Santorum buddy and superPAC benefactor Foster Friess caught Andrea Mitchell off-guard when he said on cable TV that aspirin between the legs (apparently this is an old wives' tale) is the way birth control used to be handled - http://abcn.ws/yQHU5f

Pro-Santorum Super PAC (Thanks, Foster) Joins Michigan Air Wars - http://abcn.ws/y0LAVH

Payroll Tax Deal Roadblock? - Senate GOP  -  http://abcn.ws/xYzZhQ

Actress In 'Offensive' Pete Hoekstra Ad Apologizes, Calls Ad a 'Mistake' - http://abcn.ws/yOTSN9

Paul Ryan says GOP Needs a Positive Campaign to Win White House - http://abcn.ws/xkvSoo

Spontaneous Michelle Obama Live Stream - Michelle Obama and First Dog Bo surprised visitors to the Blue Room with hugs and handshakes this afternoon. Bet they didn't expect that guy in the Ron Paul T-shirt. http://abcn.ws/wkBztA

Rick Perry Recycles - Today Perry took steps to turn his leftover campaign funds into a PAC. http://abcn.ws/yTXiZJ

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