In Politics, Candy Is Dandy

As a kid, Valentine's Day was a pretty exhausting experience. I remember being obsessive with each and every card I  gave out to classmates. Should I send the mushy one or the generic "I like you" greeting to my crush? Should I go with the knock-knock jokes or the cutesy sayings? What if I pour my heart out in cards but don't get any in return?

Now, just imagine if the presidential candidates had to send out Valentine's Day candy hearts to their sweethearts - or wanna-be sweethearts.

From: Mitt To: Wavering conservative GOP voters

From: Newt To: Media elites living in New York high rises and riding the subway

From: Iowa GOP To: Rick Santorum

From: Obama campaign To: Republican electorate determined to keep this primary going in perpetuity

From: Rick Santorum To: Foster Friess, the man behind the pro-Santorum SuperPAC, Red, White and Blue Fund

From: Ron Paul To: Rand Paul, his son, the KY SEN and potential 2016 nominee

Images: Heart Maker

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