Mitt Romney Admits He Isn't 'Perfect,' Gets Endorsement from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Gerald Herbert/AP Photo

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Mitt Romney remained confident this morning about his chances in his home state of Michigan, defending his ability to connect to voters and admitting that even he isn't "perfect" when it comes to on the stump flubs.

"I think I've shown I can fight very hard and come from behind," Romney said in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning. "I'm planning on winning here in Michigan and also in Arizona."

"Obviously it will be huge for us if we're able to do that," he said.

Romney discussed for the first time his decision to list the number of cars he and his wife Ann own during an economic speech in Detroit last week.

The comment has been used against Romney in the days since as yet another example of being "out of touch" with average Americans.

"You know I can't be perfect I just am who I am," said Romney. "With regards to the cars we have this is something that was talked about last September when people asked us what cars we own."

"If people think there is something wrong with being successful they better vote for the other guy," Romney said.

Romney also finally offered an answer to the question posed to him during last week's CNN debate during which all the candidates were asked to say what they believed the "biggest misconception" about them is.

"I think the biggest misconception about me is I'm a guy who comes from Massachusetts and therefore I can't be conservative," said Romney.

Romney added that he believes the "momentum is in the right direction" in Michigan after seeing the gap between himself and Santorum in Michigan polls close significantly over the past week.

As for his chances in Arizona, Romney may see a boost from today's endorsement from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who said today on "Meet the Press" that she believes he is "by far" the candidate who "can go in and win."

Brewer said that while Santorum may have pledged to stay in the race for the long haul, she believes that "overwhelmingly [the nominee] will pretty much be decided by Super Tuesday."

"I think he has that pro-business background and that political history," said Brewer. "I think he would serve America the best of the all the candidates."

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