Nevada Caucus Eve, Dow Up, Unemployment Down, Would Lawmakers 'Muck it Up' if they 'Got Off Their Rear Ends'? (PM Note)

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf ( @zbyronwolf) reports:

LISTEN: Doug Limerick reads the words of Marine Sgt. William C. Stacey, who died this week in Afghanistan at 23.

This Week in Scary News from Iran - Compiled by Huma Khan:

Komen Buckles After Backlash -

The Calendar - It's Superbowl weekend. But first, there will be a caucus in Nevada and an interview with President Obama.  When caucusers in Nevada will gather tomorrow. If they don't pick Mitt Romney by a wide margin, it will confound recent polling and conventional wisdom. Caucuses in Colorado and Minnesota and a non-binding Missouri primary come later in the week. Maine hits next Saturday.

The Dow is Up - closed at its highest level since 2008 -

Unemployment is Down - The good news that unemployment is at 8.3 percent and the private sector beat jobs growth expectations led to these dueling reactions

Obama to Congress - Don't 'Muck it Up' -

Boehner to Obama - It'd be even better if got Senate Dems 'Off Their Rear Ends' -

In Spite of Obama - Romney said the president gets not praise for lowering rate -

Newt Gingrich on Jobs - No Comment - Said he hadn't even read the reports -

A Tale of a Trend - Amy Walter uses charts n grafs to consider whether its that high 8.3 percent unemployment rate or a downward trend that will more affect the 2012 race -

Wedding Bells - Congratulations, Susan Collins -

Santorum Prefers Branson to Vegas -

Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here - From the Blotter - Israeli facilities in North America - and around the world - are on high alert, according to an internal security document obtained by ABC News that predicted the threat from Iran against Jewish targets will increase. "We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase … on both our guarded sites and 'soft' sites," stated a letter circulated by the head of security for the Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States. Guarded sites refers to government facilities like embassies and consulates, while 'soft sites' means Jewish synagogues, and schools, as well as community centers.

Obama's 'Swing State' Fund - Devin Dwyer: President Obama's campaign money machine has begun to funnel cash to state Democratic parties in key 2012 battlegrounds, according to Federal Election Commission filings released Tuesday. The transfers through the  Swing State Victory Fund - a joint fundraising account run by  Obama for America - signal a new effort to broaden and strengthen the state-level apparatus working to win the president a second term.

And in case you missed it, Roseanne Bar is running in the Green Party…

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