Rick Perry Takes Step to Form PAC With Leftover Campaign Funds

Chris Carlson/AP Photo

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign today   sent a letter to the Federal Election Commission asking whether he could use some of his leftover funds to form a new PAC.

Salvatore Purpura, treasurer of RickPerry.org, wrote in the letter that the campaign collected $270,000 in general election funds, which were set aside in a separate account, and had asked contributors  whether the campaign could  keep their donations to form the  PAC.

Purpura noted in the letter that if the FEC did not allow the formation of a PAC, the campaign would like to redistribute the funds to Perry's Texas campaign.

Perry, who dropped out of the race  Jan. 19 and endorsed Newt Gingrich, ended his campaign with $3.76 million cash on hand. Perry raised approximately $18 million  during his five months as a presidential candidate, relying on a heavy network of donors he cultivated as Texas governor and head of the Republican Governors Association.

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