Romney's Pink Nail Polish Prank

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - It's the tale of Mitt Romney and the "shocking pink" nail polish.

Romney spilled the beans tonight on what may be one of his more impressive pranks, telling a crowd of hundreds at the Cuyahoga County Lincoln Day dinner Thursday evening in Ohio what he claims is a never-before-told story from his past.

"Well, there was a young lady there who I had once spent some time with and she decided to marry a fellow and my wife, who was my girlfriend then, was invited to be one of her bridesmaids," Romney began. "And so I came to the wedding and it was a perfect wedding."

While Romney has not told this story during this campaign cycle, he has told it publicly on previous occasions.

"They had little bottles of shocking pink nail polish so that everybody, all the bridesmaids, had the same nail polish," he continued. "So I came and I thought everything was a little too perfect."

"So I happened to go in the room where the groomsmen and the groom were and I found the groom's shoes, the patent leather shoes he had rented - and I took some of that shocking pink nail polish and I wrote something on the bottom of his shoes," said Romney.

Romney went on to describe how during the prayer during the wedding he realized people wouldn't see the message on the groom's shoes because they had all bowed their heads in prayer as well.

"But slowly but surely people ahead of us began to shake a little bit and point up at the shoes and in bright pink letters it said, 'H-E-L-P,'" said Romney, as the crowd in the hall broke into cheers.

"I haven't seen a crowd rock like this since then. And so I want to thank you for this wonderful welcome," Romney concluded.

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