Ron Paul Stumps in Maine Looking for a Win

(The Lewiston Sun-Journal, Amber Waterman/AP Photo)

Ron Paul admits that he needs a win to remain a creditable candidate for the Republican presidential nomination - and says he believes Maine is his best hope.

To ensure his first victory, the Texas congressman spent this morning greeting voters and signing autographs at various caucus sites close to Portland.

"It seems like there is a lot of excitement," said Paul referencing the standing room only crowd in Lewiston.

Many in the audience were waving Ron Paul signs and jumped to their feet before and after the Texas congressman delivered a shortened version of his anti-Washington stump speech.

"Maine is in the news today," Paul said. "I think we'll have great news tonight."

Compared with his previous run for president in 2008, Paul has managed to garner two to three times as many votes, but he has yet to win a state and called the results of his caucus strategy so far "disappointing."

Paul told ABC News that a win tonight would be a "tremendous" boost.

"It's a tremendous boost and it's a good PR boost and will give us lots of momentum and that's what we are striving for," Paul said.

Compared to his GOP rivals, Paul has placed considerable effort into winning Maine, even choosing to skip Florida in favor of campaigning in the Pine Tree State.

The fact wasn't lost on front-runner Mitt Romney, who at the last minute scheduled a visit to the same Sanford caucus site where Paul was visiting, setting up a potential for the two to cross paths.

"He had sent me a message that he would look out for me," Paul said. "He thought we might bump into each other, but we did not."

Maine began caucusing on Jan. 29 and the state Republican Party is expected to announce its winner this evening.

"I believe this momentum will continue," Paul said. "I'm looking forward to tonight, because I believe it will get a real boost."

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