The Contraception Question Returns, Rombo, Santorum's Shoestring, Obama's Smelly Locker Rooms (The PM Note)

ABC's Z. Byron Wolf ( @zbyronwolf) reports:

Last FEMA Trailer Leaves New Orleans -

Samuel Alito - Affirmative Action Game Changer? -

Santorum's Shoestring - If you're talking to Rick Santorum's press secretary, there's a good chance you're talking to a woman at home in Little Rock, Ark. There is no campaign HQ. The candidate is surging in public opinion polls, but Michael Falcone and Shush Walshe found his operation spare and penny pinching. They don't, for instance, have a pollster.

Santorum Rewind: Called Contraception 'Harmful to Women' in 2006 - He was actually more moderate on the issue back then, when he was in the midst of a senate election. Now Santorum's policy perspective - doing away with aspects of Title X - is more in line with his personal view that contraception promotes the "whole sexual libertine idea."

Rombo - Santorum Argues Romney's Negative Ads are Backfiring -

Obama Set for 8 Fundraisers, 8 Million Bucks in 3 Days - The president heads west for star-studded fundraisers in Wisconsin, Washington and California.

Our Fundraisers vs. Their Fundraisers - Sen. Enzi made clear today he's no fan of Cabinet Secretaries at fundraisers. But Jake Tapper recalls Enzi had a different opinion when they were Republican cabinet secretaries -

Santorum? Seriously! - A new Top Line that envisions what Romney is Really Thinking?

Payroll Tax Cut - the Breakthrough was yesterday, but today they're still ironing out details on Capitol Hill, according to Max Baucus -

Boehner Defends Deal - It adds to the deficit, but Boehner is trying to make the argument that it is the best thing he could get from Democrats. Not all Republicans are convinced -

Joseph Kennedy III Running - Said to be considering a run in January. Now said to be running -

Bachmann Saves Her Dancing for Her Husband -  Despite her "10th grade polka success," Rep. Michele Bachmann will not be joining the cast of DWTS -

Obama Recalls Smelly Gyms - Though President Obama went to Master Lock Co. in Milwaukee, Wis., to champion a payroll tax cut extension and extol the virtues of continued economic vitality, he began his remarks with a memory that evokes - at least for most men - an image of fungal rather than economic growth. "You know, I was thinking about my gym locker in high school," Obama said to chuckles of laughter from the audience of Master Lock workers. 

'Linsanity' Overtakes the Air Force One -  Even President Obama has heard of the new Knicks star. -

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