What a Trump Endorsement Gets You, The Jesus Tax, Shuler Sacks Self, Presidential PDA (The PM Note)

Palate Cleanser - On a weird day overloaded with Donald Trump, throw out policy for just a sec and decide who's the best kisser - http://abcn.ws/zrF4M6

Trump Endorses Romney: He won't let "bad things" happen - http://abcn.ws/yY1DMI

You got the impression during the day that Donald Trump was getting more out of the endorsement than Mitt Romney was. Even @BarackObama poked a little fun, tweeting a video of Trump and Romney. http://abcn.ws/xMZhFY

What's a Trump Endorsement Worth? - Amy Walter says: "The most likely explanation is a Romney calculation that it's better to have Donald Trump on your side than against you." http://abcn.ws/xRofEj

More on Trump below.

Obama and the 'One Term' Proposition - A Fact Check - http://abcn.ws/wGah79

Obama Suggested Jesus Would Support Tax Reform - http://abcn.ws/zwfkxO

N.C. Tea Leaves - Heath Shuler - N.C. Democrat, Former Redskins QB and Member of the Endangered Blue Dogs - Won't Seek Reelection - http://abcn.ws/Ad0UHB

Blowback Against The Susan G. Komen  Foundation Continues - 2 Komen officials resigned today, Michael Bloomberg gave Planned Parenthood $250k -http://abcn.ws/wv5oid

Senate Democrats got involved - http://abcn.ws/wiqN5l

The Real Problem with Romney's "Poor" Answer? - Rick Klein argues it botched economic theory - To many a conservative ear, that soundbyte wasn't the worst part of his answer… the part that really grated on conservative activists and thought leaders was his rationale for why he's not particularly concerned about the plight of the poor. Romney went on to explain - and explain, and explain as the day went on - that the poor are and should be taken care of by the "safety net" of federal programs. http://abcn.ws/xLUV0P

Michelle Obama Can Do More Pushups Than You - The First Lady proved her own physical fitness on national TV today, doing 25 push-ups alongside comedian Ellen Degeneres. http://abcn.ws/yqLAqJ

The Most Expensive Failed Primary Campaigns (yes, WMR is in there) - http://abcn.ws/zgs3zy

A First Negative Santorum SuperPAC Ad - http://abcn.ws/w6u20c

GOP's Plan to Avoid Defense Cuts - http://abcn.ws/w2gwVu

Back to Trump -

Sure, Trump was the butt of a comb-over joke by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney… http://abcn.ws/AfXgDt

But he proved once again today that he is a master media manipulator. From sometime late last night until this afternoon he overtook political headlines with false leaks of his endorsement, then corrected leaks, then the press conference itself.

MSNBC employed a clock to count down to the endorsement. We're also in the midst of the countdown to the premiere of Celebrity Apprentice. And that may have something to do with Trump's decision to endorse and get people thinking about him again.

What does Romney get? A lot of comparisons between Trump's trademark "you're fired" and Romney's somewhat out-of-context comment that he likes to be able to fire people. Romney was the butt of a DNC video that recycled his statement that he likes the ability to fire people. And Gingrich took the opportunity to say he likes hiring people.

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