Wisc. Governor Gives Obama Brewers Jersey, Not Finger Wave, on Tarmac

When Air Force One landed in Milwaukee on Wednesday,  Wisconsin's Republican  Gov. Scott Walker  greeted the president on the tarmac.

"We're certainly pleased the president's here," he told White House reporters. "It's a great focus for Wisconsin. We love manufacturing. That's our number one industry. The bottom line is we're one of the biggest, most dependent on manufacturing of any state in the country. We appreciate the fact that the president's focusing on manufacturing."

One year ago Walker drew national attention and the Wisconsin state capital flooded with protestors against his actions targeting state workers in union jobs.  Walker has been the subject of a recall drive.

The governor put that aside when presenting President Obama with a baseball jersey as a gift.

"Last year I gave him a Packers jersey right after we beat the Bears in the playoffs," Walker explained. "This year I said he probably was more appreciative of this jersey because the White Sox are not in the same division as the Brewers."

Walker said there was no mention of campaigns.  "Today's the president's day. I'm appreciative he's in Wisconsin, appreciative he's focused on manufacturing. We'll leave politics for another day."

Republican governors are not shy about showing up at official presidential arrivals despite the campaign year and how they complain he is ruining the country. But there are very rarely confrontations. An exception occurred last month when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer greeted President Obama during his short visit there and could be seen waving her finger at him.

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