Southern Swing Exit Polls, What to Watch Tonight, Where to Caucus in a Bar (PM NOTE)

Mar 13, 2012 6:30pm

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf (@zbyronwolf) reports:

Happy Miss., Ala., Primary Day – Southern Polls close at 8 p.m. EST

Preliminary Exit Poll Results from Gary Langer – Preliminary exit poll results indicate that evangelicals account for eight in 10 voters in the Alabama and Mississippi primaries alike; the high to date this year was 76 percent in Tennessee. Nearly three-quarters in both states also say it matters that a candidate shares their religious beliefs, among the most this year; more than four in 10 say it matters “a great deal.”

Keep up to the minute on results and analysis at OTUS -

 Amy Walter’s 5 Need-to-Knows about tonight’s contests in Mississippi, Alabama, Hawaii

 1 Need-to-Know about American Samoa – It’s 50 people in a bar, according to AP –

 That’s a de facto voter ID law, no? (wonders intern Meg Fowler)

 Which counties to watch in Alabama, Mississippi

 Desperation Blues – Romney and Santorum have both called

 Polling 101 -  Why Obama’s Sagging Approval Is Tied to Gas Prices (they disproportionately affect people who make less money) –

Counter-programming – As Mississippi Republicans vote, Obama to watch Mississippi Valley State take on Western Kentucky in NCAA “Play-In” Game

 Swing State Bracketology: Who Should Obama Pick in Tournament? With additions from Amy Walter, Karen Travers and more… (and we noticed that Obama dropped Kansas, but kept the North Carolina and Ohio schools in what we’ve seen of his real bracket so far).

Unemployment Rate Drops in Swing States

Kucinich’s Exit Interview with Jon Karl – Takeaway – at the height of the Iraq War as Bush entered State of the Union address, Kucinich said…

Alabama Gov. Votes for Santorum, But Stays Clear of Endorsing –

Bo Behaving Badly – His photo-bomb of a Univision reporter’s standup made us think of all the other silly stuff that dog has gotten away with. Also – Cat person Jake Tapper confronted the dog today –

Romney: Obama Trying to Blame GOP Candidates for High Gas Prices –

Bill Maher Irks Rick Santorum by Comparing Christian Homeschooling to Madrassa –

Romney ‘Feels Good’ About Chances in Alabama, Mississippi –

Reid and McConnell: US Should Keep Afghanistan Withdrawal Timetable –

Obama Endorsed by AFL-CIO (no shock here) –

Biden: Failure of OBL Raid Would’ve Made Obama ‘One-Term President’ –

President Obama Condemns ‘Murder’ of Innocent Afghans –

Obama vs. Palin…2012 –

2012: Top 8 International Elections to Watch –

Parsing the President’s Statement About the Kandahar Killings — Today’s Q’s for O’s WH — 3/13/2012 –


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