Michigan Mulligan Gives Romney Edge, The Ohio Bellwether, Contraception Report, Girl Kills Goldfish (PM Note)

A Mulligan in Michigan - A tie no more. The Credentialing committee voted in favor of another set of rules that hadn't been distributed to campaigns or the press. The new interpretation favors native son Mitt Romney. He gets 16 delegates, and  Santorum gets 14. This has the Santorum folks livid. They and ABC  News had been working off the advertised rules and projected a tie  -  http://abcn.ws/wB6d1P

A Girl Killing a Goldfish - Herman Cain Verite - http://abcn.ws/ydY0D9

#8 - Gay Marriage in Maryland - Gov. O'Malley signs law - http://abcn.ws/wJSMby

George Stephanopoulos on How Ohio is the Key to Super Tuesday - http://yhoo.it/zkCUML

Andrew Breitbart Dies -  The conservative provocateur left a mark on American politics. Just ask Anthony Weiner. Or Shirley Sherrod.  His legacy of agitating "Big Government" - http://abcn.ws/wDlgXJ

Conservatives React - http://abcn.ws/yhqriV

Contraception Report -

Senate Blocks Blunt's Repeal of Contraception Mandate - http://abcn.ws/xOd3pt

Conscience Exemption "Got Screwed Up in First Iteration" of Contraception Rule, VP Says - More from Jake Tapper -  abcn.ws/AjsBZP

Santorum Doesn't Believe Romney Supported Blunt Amendment - He said a disavowed interview in Ohio gives "insight into what's in the gut of Governor Romney."And Shush Walshe points out that for a guy who complains the media keeps drawing him into social issues, Rick Santorum spends a lot of time voluntarily talking about social issues - http://abcn.ws/zbwSxB

Fact Check: Obama Campaign Suggests GOP Would Require Employer Okay for Birth Control - http://abcn.ws/Af085k

Over-the-Top Rhetoric - Rush Limbaugh Says Wanting Insurance to Cover Birth Control Makes Sandra Fluke a 'Slut,' Urges Her and Other 'Feminazis' to Post Sex Tapes -


Gas Price Politics - Obama Wants to End Oil and Gas Subsidies, pitched from the snowy swing state of New Hampshire - http://abcn.ws/xf6GrQ

Frack Away - Romney Rebuts Obama's Energy Speech - "As a matter of fact, he's got 10 different federal agencies trying to push their way into fracking so that they can slow down the development of oil and gas in this country," said Romney. "And then more and more I think…no brainer decision. When someone says we want to bring in a pipeline that's going to create tens of thousands of jobs to bring oil in from Canada, how in the world could you say no?" http://abcn.ws/A14JHb 

Southern Solution - Michael Falcone reports Mitt Romney will campaign in states he's likely to lose - Tennessee And Georgia - ahead of Super Tuesday so he can score some delegates in cherry-picked congressional districts - http://abcn.ws/zbyj5V

Romney Packs the House in Idaho - http://abcn.ws/x8SYsF

Tennessee Spotlight - Arlette Saenz offers this dispatch from Nashville - http://abcn.ws/xU9Oga

Gingrich at Home in Georgia - Elicia Dover on how Gingrich Says Republican Party 'Just Doesn't Get It' and saying Obama should fire Energy Secretary Steven Chu - http://abcn.ws/wIf9U0

Santorum's Google Problem: Nasty Definition Sinks in Search - http://abcn.ws/xvgXMS

McConnell Keeping 'Close Eye' on Storms in Kentucky and the Midwest - http://abcn.ws/xu0Ocr

Bo in Bunny Ears - http://abcn.ws/zsGTWO

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