Peeps Sweeten Occupy D.C. Movement

Image credit: Deb Lindsey /Washington Post

The Occupy D.C. protests may be losing the battle with police in McPherson Square, but they've just scored a 'W' in the cuteness column. The Washington Post has chosen a scene from the protests as the winner of its annual 'Peeps Show' diorama contest.

The rules of the contest dictate that the scenes be crafted primarily out of Peeps, those ubiquitous marshmallow chicks and bunnies covered in brightly-colored sugar that surge in popularity every Easter season.

Cori Wright of Falls Church, Virginia is the artist of 'Occu-Peep D.C.' and says the winning Peeps 'artist' was Cori Wright of Falls Church, Va., who says it took her 20 hours to complete the project. The winner was chosen by a panel of judges and online voters.

This is the sixth annual Peeps contest held by the Washington Post. The candy coincidentally has another tie to the area - Washington has the distinction of being the home to the first ever Peeps store, devoted to selling the treat year-round. The Peeps parent company, Just Born, Inc., opened the store in 2009.

To see more photos of the winning scene and other finalists, go HERE.

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