Supreme Court Beer Pong Imagined

While Washington has its gaze fixed on the Supreme Court's Obamacare proceedings, a long-standing ban on cameras in the Court means most observers can't actually see what's happening.

Though the Court is posting daily audio from the hearings on its website, as ABC News  reported earlier this month, Chief Justice John Roberts worries cameras might negatively affect both lawyers and Justices involved. In light of those worries, Roberts failed to push aside the rule keeping cameras out of court. That ban has some upset, claiming citizens have the right to watch how such a high-stakes trial unfolds.

Arun Chaudhary, Senior Vice President of Communications at Revolution Messaging, is one of those critics. He and his colleagues at the left-leaning communications firm channeled their frustration into a creative endeavor, making sketches of what the Justices could be doing behind those closed doors.

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From  beer pong to hot tubbing, the artists have visualized some unsavory situations for the Supreme Court, based on sketches of past trials. They display them on a website, , that invites users to email in their own ideas. Their humor comes from the collision of these irreverent situations and the seriousness with which the Court's image is traditionally handled.

(Image Credit: Courtesy

Chaudhary and his team put the altered sketches together in just a few hours.

"This is important stuff and folks are rightfully interested," Chaudhary said. "As one of the people responsible for helping to bring unprecedented levels of transparency to the executive branch, I certainly know from experience that SCOTUS could try a little harder."

Camera or no, ABC News' Ariane de Vogue is on the ground, covering the proceedings. Read her report on today's trial here.

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