Is The Factory Half Full?, Who Believes Rubio?, Ted Nugent, and Dog Wars Jump the Shark, Drunkard's Dream (PM Note)

"Metaphors needn't be explained to educated people." - T. Nugent -

A Drunkard's Dream - There's a metaphor for a day when policy took a backseat to cookies, aging rockers obsessed with the 2nd Amendment and the 1st Amendment, dog chow and prostitutes in Colombia.

George Stephanopoulos Says the Dog Wars Jumped the Shark - "Voters in the end are going to know that Mitt Romney is a good family man and he's got nothing against dogs," said George in his Power Player's video this week. "Voters are going to know that President Obama is not a Muslim or a socialist or someone who hate's America, but a patriotic president."

It's going to be about the economy and who people trust, says George -

Is the Factory Half Full? Today's Site of a Former Obama Rally Wasn't the First Empty Factory Mitt Romney Has Stood In To Make a Point About the Obama Economy -

Get More News at ABC Politics and a Different Spin at OTUS News

Veepstakes -

Marco Rubio Says He Would Turn Down VP slot

Jon Karl Explains Why Nobody Believes Marco Rubio on This Point -

Rubio Plans His Own DREAM ACT - More from Jon Karl

Chris Christie Today on Whether He'd Be VP - "I also think it is extraordinarily arrogant for you to say you won't even listen to the nominee of your party - especially for me. It's someone who I've been supporting since last October vigorously around the country - that I wouldn't take a call from Mitt Romney." -

All Things Secret Service -

1. Gingrich Has "Camp David Package" and You're Paying For It - According to Elicia Dover's story it "includes but is not limited to six cars, six federal agents, four state troopers at a campaign stop, four local agents when the candidate arrives and a press agent if there is a press bus." More here on how much it's costing taxpayers -

2. Colombian Prostitute Interviewed -

3. Secret Service Drops Ted Nugent Inquiry -

Jake Tapper Asks Jay Carney Where the Buck Stops -

Orrin Hatch's Challenger Says Don't Believe the Hype -

Cookiegate - Pennsylvania Bakery Effective at Marketing, Leads to Democratic Press Release -

Santorum-Romney Meeting Will Be More Than Endorsement Talk -

Romney Rejects Obama's 'Silver Spoon' Comment -

Political Doom - Ron Paul Video Game in the Works -

Leon Panetta Expresses Concern Over North Korea's New Mobile Rocket Launcher -

DSCC Edges NRSC in Fundraising (Which Ultimately Means Very Little) -

Harry Reid Says You Can't Legislate Against Stupidity -

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