Is This What Romney Unzipped Looks Like?

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Image credit: MittRomney via Instagram

Mitt Romney's wife said last week that " we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out." The candidate seems to have taken that advice, quite literally.

How else to explain the photo of the normally robotic Romney strolling along the beach in a wetsuit carrying a bodyboard like a wayward teenager?

Then there's this evidence of Romney acting person-like while painting Easter eggs and hosting an egg hunt for his grandkids.

In both photos, Romney's mouth appears to curve upward, forming a human smile.

"It's been an absolutely delightful weekend," Romney told the conservative commentator Mike Huckabee on the former presidential candidate's eponymous inaugural radio show today. "We need a vacation from the vacation. There's no question about that."

ABC News' Rick Klein discussed the photos on World News Sunday night:

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