Just the Facts, Ma'am, Amusement Park Voters, Dispatches from War Over Women, Communist Watch (PM Note)

Dispatches from the War Over Women - Romney on Offense - http://abcn.ws/HHZ3UM

Just the Facts, Ma'am - Check It  - The Mitt Romney campaign argues that 92 percent of jobs lost under the Obama administration were held by women.  Romney's economic adviser, Lanhee Chen, said on a conference call that the percentage is an "undisputed fact." "It is an undisputed fact that women account for 92.3 percent of the jobs lost since President Obama took office," said Chen.

But Politifact rated the claim and the 92 percent figure as "mostly false." The site suggested job losses were split between both the Bush and Obama presidencies. Men suffered more job losses at the outset of the recession when President Bush was in office.

Politifact Reviewing Their Rating - More from Emily Friedman - http://abcn.ws/HM1WQu

QOTD - Start Your Engines - Mitt Romney Said on Fox News he's not Out of Touch - "The person I'm out of touch with is Barack Obama." http://abcn.ws/HvX4PR

Key to 2012 Roller Coaster? - The Amusement Park Vote - It Matters- Matt Dowd is thinking outside the box on this one, but makes a compelling argument. Dowd: "Romney absolutely has to win three states to win the presidency - Florida, Ohio and Virginia.  He cannot win without capturing all three. His campaign understands that, and so does President Obama's. If the Obama campaign can pick off one of these states, the election is over. That brings us to Sandusky, Ohio, home of the amusement park Cedar Point; Orlando, Fla., site of Disney World; and outside Richmond, Va., where Kings Dominion is located. Many of working women in these states will be taking their kids to these parks this summer, having saved a little money for a day or two or three of fun. These are women who would like to be soccer moms, but just don't have the time in their schedules to get to games.  Or they are so tired after a long day or week of work, errands, and carpooling that they just want to sleep or watch TV."  http://abcn.ws/HBbEM1

Communist Watch -

Reagan Rule? - First George W. Bush said he didn't want them to be "Bush Tax Hikes" now Obama says maybe the "Buffett Rule" should be the "Reagan Rule" -   http://abcn.ws/HD8nr6 Obama jokingly calls Reagan a "wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior - http://abcn.ws/HLCjmb

Allen West Says 81 Democrats are Communist - http://abcn.ws/HyP1q7

Mystery Solved - Where was Martha Johnson? - Records Dispute Johnson / Solyndra Link - A GSA told an IG official former GSA head Martha Johnson was in California to meet with Solyndra during that controversial Las Vegas conference in 2010. Turns out she was in Portland, not California. And no record of a Solyndra meeting. http://abcn.ws/IshtX2

It'll Be a Good Old Fashioned DC Outrage Show over GSA Next Week - http://abcn.ws/ISjzhK

Dems Strike Back: Romney and the Lily Ledbetter Act  - http://abcn.ws/HBZJLB

AG Holder: Bar is High for Proving Hate Crime in Trayvon Martin Case - http://abcn.ws/HBbEM2

Newt Defends Bounced Check  - "This is one of those goofy things. That check was drawn in December. The account actually was closed by the time they processed it. It wasn't a question of money. That particular bank account was closed," Gingrich said, according to Elicia Dover. She reported Tuesday that the state election director, Mark Thomas, attempted multiple times to contact the campaign about the bad check and that if the matter wasn't resolved by April 20, Gingrich would be disqualified from the ballot. "I went back and checked and it was entirely a technical question of the bank being closed. It wasn't that we didn't have the money in the bank but that particular account had been closed as they made a transition to a different bank on January 1," Gingrich said. http://abcn.ws/IDH8va

Rick Perry,  2014 Likely, but 2016? - The Texas governor is likely to run for reelection in 2014 - Which we notice would give him a built-in infrastructure, travel and security two years after that… Will Arlette still be on the trail then? http://abcn.ws/HvX6qV

Republicans Help Claw T-Paw Out of Debt - Romney supporters and other Republicans enabled the former Minnesota governor to reconcile debt from his short-lived presidential run. http://abcn.ws/InANtg

Quick Like a Bunny - The White House put out a time lapse video that lets viewers experience this year's Easter Egg Roll in a fraction of the time. http://abcn.ws/HBuTos

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