Obama v. US Courts, Veepstakes Begin!, Rubio as Triple Threat, Dowd's Advice for Romney (PM Note)

In Re: The Case of Barack Obama v. U.S. Courts - "The idea of a judge, in a completely irrelevant way, ordering the attorney general to write an essay like an errant school boy has to write 'I will not be late to class' a thousand times on the blackboard is unbelievable," said Charles Fried, a former solicitor general who teaches law at Harvard. "I mean, it just shows how terribly partisan and completely off base our political discourse has become. There's a lot more on Obama and the courts from Matt Negrin, including how Eric Holder plans to respond to the Texas federal judge, how Republicans are usually the ones lamenting the courts, and how Obama's turn signifies a political "Plan B" on health reform. http://abcn.ws/HfDIlC

Santorum's campaign: "Girding (their) loins" for the Pennsylvania primary http://abcn.ws/HlPkTS

Everyone else seems to be girding up for November, or at least Veepstakes. http://abcn.ws/HnGnVx

Point of Order! - Chris Good remains hip deep in figuring out what exactly a brokered convention would (or would have) looked like. It would have been fun to cover. He's got this really cool, readable item, complete with clippings from Life Magazine in a hot and sweaty 1948 and a lot of reporting on Roberts' Rules and RNC bylaws -  http://abcn.ws/HViAPb

Beam Me Up, Biden: The president showed his nerdier side in this photo of him with Star Trek star, Nichelle Nichols. http://abcn.ws/I34Rrk

Econ Fright Night - From 'Vulture Capitalism' to 'Voodoo Economics' to 'Obamaville' - mixing horror and the economy - http://abcn.ws/HfB7rW

Veepstakes: It's an Offer No Politician Can Refuse  -  Rick Klein, David Chalian and Amy Walter Hold Forth - http://yhoo.it/HfaN2s

So when they say stuff like this, there's a good chance they're lying -

Marco Rubio in Florida Today -  I'm Not Going to be Vice President - http://abcn.ws/HgpwLr

Proof - FLASHBACK: Aug 19, 2008 5:21pm - Biden on Obama's VP Pick: 'I'm Not The Guy' - http://abcn.ws/HlPkTX

'Triple Threat' Rubio is First in our List of Potential VP Candidates - From Amy Walter - http://abcn.ws/HimDGj

Five Easy Pieces - Matthew Dowd says Romney should lay off Santorum and turn his focus entirely to the next phase. It's one of five pieces of advice. Others: take a week off, focus on key moments, go on a foreign trip - http://abcn.ws/Ho8eFy

Romney is taking at least one piece of Dowd's advice - he turned squarely towards Obama in a speech to newspaper editors in Washington. He chuckled when asked if his GOP rivals should drop out - http://abcn.ws/HRHHC3

Point / Counterpoint - The Obama campaign puts out this splice of Obama's Tuesday speech at ASNE and Romney's in Wisconsin… Romney makes his points, Obama answers them. It's like a presidential debate, Youtube style - Not one mind will be changed because of the making of this video - http://bit.ly/Hfn1U5

Romney and Latinos, Latest in a Series by Matt Jaffe, who this time talks to Paul Ryan  - "I think it's something he should talk about, how he plans to reform the immigration system," Ryan said. "I would say that the president had his whole entire party running Congress for two years and he chose not to do anything about this problem. The immigration system is broken for everybody involved in it. It needs to be fixed and we are the party of opportunity. We do believe in legal immigration. Most of us are a product of it. We're a product of immigration success stories. And I think he'll speak to that."

"I think he will be inclusive and welcoming to Latinos, to immigrants," he continued. "I think that based on my representation of Latinos - I do bilingual town-hall meetings every year - what I get from the immigrant community is that they want legal immigration cleaned up. They want illegal immigration stopped." - http://abcn.ws/Hh28sR

Sugar as a Controlled Substance - http://abcn.ws/HRHJdi

Obama Signs Ban on Congressional Insider Trading - http://abcn.ws/HgJqFV

The Polarizing Effect of Scott Walker - http://abcn.ws/HoXrv5

9/11 Mastermind Charged Again - http://abcn.ws/HRHJdk

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