PM Note: Gas Prices and Political Prices, Romney's Fork in the Road, Obama's Bricks, Egg Roll Mania

ABC News / Washington Post Poll out Tonight - Higher Gas Prices, But Less Political Recrimination - From Gary Langer - "With gasoline nudging $4.00 a gallon, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that the price at the pump is taking a toll on Americans' pocketbooks - but so far with less pain and fewer political recriminations than in past episodes of gas-price run-ups. The question: Whether the $4 mark changes all that. Sixty-two percent in this national survey report financial hardship as a result of higher gas prices; about half that number, 33 percent, say it's serious hardship. Both are well below their levels - 77 percent hardship, 51 percent serious - at their peak in ABC/Post polls, in June 2008."  More from Langer -

There will be more from the ABC News / Washington Post poll tomorrow morning. So stay tuned.

Romney's Choice - What Should Mitt Do About Rick Santorum? - Amy Walter: "The Romney camp has seen this movie before. And it knows that letting the Santorum campaign unravel at its own rate is a huge risk… Team Romney ignored Newt Gingrich, only to watch him win South Carolina. Millions of dollars later, the Romney camp- -and his friends at Restore Our Future - effectively took out Gingrich, but they forgot all about Santorum who went on to win Colorado and Minnesota. As we've noted many times before, Romney wins when he disqualifies his opposition in a barrage of negative attack ads…. But  with his negatives sky-high and Republican voter enthusiasm dampened by a negative, drawn-out primary process, Romney needs to find a way to unite the party by giving GOP voters a reason to support him instead of just a reason to vote against someone else."

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Romney Pulled Negative Santorum Ads (For Now) -

Bella Santorum to be Released from Hospital -

Both Romney and Santorum return to the Campaign Trial Tuesday.

Learning to Live with Mitt, NRA Version  - The NRA and Conservative Gun Enthusiasts will hear from varmint hunter (and recently disclosed gun owner) Mitt Romney later this week.

Obama Campaign Targets Romney With Buffet Rule - You'll hear this one again from the Obama campaign. Devin Dwyer reports: On a conference call with reporters Monday, top Obama surrogates blasted the Republican candidate for keeping years of tax returns secret, using offshore bank accounts for some investments, and enjoying a lower effective tax rate than most middle-income Americans.

Newt's Eeyore Campaign - With talk like this, why is Newt still bothering? - More from Yahoo! News' Rachel Rose Hartman -

Tapper Asks Carney About Iran Talks in Istanbul, Night Raids in Afghanistan -

Mitt Romney - He's a Boogie-Boarding, Egg-Coloring Grandpa Just Like the Rest of Us -

Obama From Beyond the Arc: 5 Shots, 4 Bricks. C'Mon Mr. Prez - (starts at 4:40)

It's Not Clear if He Was Using an Obama-faced Basketball the President Shot - (paid for, Jake Tapper is told, by the NBA, not the taxpayers) -

Egg Roll - If, Like Many (Most?) Parents of the 4-12 year-old Demo in Washington, you weren't able to get tickets to the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House, this, we're told, is what it looked like -

Jake Tapper's Easter Egg Roll History Lesson - From Rutherford B. Hayes to Yo Gabba Gabba. Turns out, despite what Obama said earlier this year, Hayes gave the White House its first telephone and its first Egg Roll. -

Massachusetts Money Race - Elizabeth Warren is a Money Machine -

NRA Attacks Republican Richard Lugar - First Club for Growth, now the gun lobby is trying to dislodge the most ranking Republican senator -

Romney Says There's 'Not a Dime's Worth of Difference' Between the U.S. and Israel - and the presidential candidate wants to keep talks between the two countries private, while saying Obama should open up about relations with the rest of the world. -

Grassley Tweets - Over the weekend Senator Chuck Grassley called President Obama "stupid" and told him to "wake up" on Syria via Twitter. The Iowan often speaks his mind over Twitter. He's vented on the History Channel programming lineup in the past.

Noted in the Newsroom - President Barbie Bears a Striking Resemblance to Elle Woods

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